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The Skirt Outlet is your one stop shop for skirts and modest apparel. We offer a wide range of modest clothing, including modest layering tees, modest tank tops, and an ever expanding selection of modest and boutique inspired tops. We have an extensive collection of modest skirts, from below the knee girl skirts to long skirts, and from long and midi length women skirts to plus size skirts. We are dedicated to offering a wide selection of long and below the knee skirts, feminine dresses, and other pretty and modest pieces at affordable prices.  

So how did The Skirt Outlet get started?  Here is the scoop in a nutshell.

It got to be a very frustrating experience finding clothes that were cute and modest.  Surely you've all been there - the experience of shopping for hours and not coming home with what you were looking for.  An experience that might look something like this - "This pair of jeans would be so cute if it was just a skirt! That dress would be perfect if it wasn't so short and scooped so low in the neck.  Where are the layering tank tops that are high enough to cover my chest anyway?  If I could find them, then the dress could work.  And that cute skirt, if only it was longer!"  Should I even mention the issues in the swimming suit department? I didn't think so.  When a store did come out with a modest skirt, the skirts sold out quickly, and there was a good chance we would be twinkies with our friends.  It didn't seem fair that there were all these options of color, fit and wash for jeans, and no options at all for modest skirts.   

So I saw this problem, and I thought, why should we have to rely on the fashion industry in some far away place to come up with our clothing choices?  This was a problem, and I wanted to solve it.  So in 2008, we sourced a small collection of skirts and started The Skirt Outlet in our home.  As word spread about the store, The Skirt Outlet began getting calls from out of state customers, requesting skirts to be shipped to them. The website was then founded to meet the needs of those who were unable to make it to our brick and mortar store.

After outgrowing our home, The Skirt Outlet moved to a little shop in downtown Eureka.  Just recently, we completed our second move into a much larger building to accommodate our growing collection of modest apparel!  Over the years, we have  expanded to include a huge variety of modest and fun options - basic modest layering pieces (such as camisoles, tank tops, and tees), cardigans, boutique tops, shoes, accessories, cards, dresses, and of course, hundreds and hundreds of below the knee length and long skirts, new and used!  The skirt options are endless - You can come into our store and literally put together a lot of cute outfits!

More recently, we expanded our venture and began our own modest clothing line, manufactured under the brand name The Skirt Outlet. Our past projects have included a few styles of skirts exclusive to our store, as well as a basic modest layering tank top.  Our more recent project (and still in the works) will be addressing the swimwear problem.  There are still SO many voids in the market, and we are so excited to be able to slowly fill each one.  We welcome any and all comments and suggestions, as we brainstorm what new 'modest' product to make next! For example, a lot of customers expressed how much they missed the maurices long skirts, and we took action to fill that void - we almost sold out completely in a few weeks!  That just proves that our customers - YOU - know best!  So keep the suggestions coming!  Sign up for our New Arrival notices, and you will be notified when new products go live on our website.  

We welcome all customers to come and visit our retail store in Eureka!  Our store has the feel and and look of an industrial warehouse, with old exposed brick walls, corrugated tin, gooseneck lighting, barnwood, and rustic chandeliers.  Incorporate us into a vacation or trip - We'd love to see you!  

Thank you to all our customers for your support and business over the years.  You have helped to make our dream of filling the voids in the apparel market a reality.  

Many Blessings,

Jeremy, Kalsey, Rylee, Summer, and Axle Knecht


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