Understated Elegance with Muted Tones

Understated Elegance with Muted Tones

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Monday Musings with Muted Colors!

Vivid colors sure have their place... so bright, bold and the first to get noticed. However the art of bringing understated tones + shades of those primary colors is sure to make a graceful impact on your closet. We have styled some new arrivals below, just in time for you to shop before Memorial Day! These muted outfits of red, white and blue can't wait to attend picnics + parades in all their patriotic poise and elegance!



Navy is a cool undertone color and although anyone can wear this color, it is great for people who have a natural coolness to their skin. This lightweight midi skirt is so effortless and fun to casually add a little elegance to your patriotic parties. Adding in blush slides rather then a bold red is a really sweet way to tie your outfit together.


We adore this skirt...so of course we had to get it in both Navy + Mauve colors! Mauve is in the red family a warm undertone color that is great for people who have a natural warmth to their skin. If you tend to shy away from bright, bold colors...mauve is a great color that is oh - so - feminine and can be paired with navy!!  See what we did?! We simply swapped out a color and created a different look!  Simply sweet!

Dressing with Stripes!

Sometimes mixing + matching can be daunting. Who else wants a personal designer to get them ready every morning?! We sure do!!  This modest maxi dress is a fun play on stripes and you don't have to worry about adding any other layers, colors or combinations...all those muted colors are ready and waiting with this dress!  The contrasting vertical stripes on the mid section are not only flattering, but fun! Summer is a great time to mix up and get creative with your outfits! 

Subtle Stars!

A printed graphic top of stars and your favorite denim skirt [ahem, The Carly]... this is the perfect outfit choice for the minimalist in you! You will love the clever collection of stars sprinkled about as you mingle with family + friends this Memorial Day! 

What do you think of our muted hues + stars and stripes for you to choose?!


  • Christian: May 22, 2018

    Love love love the dress!

  • barbara: May 22, 2018

    The colors are beautiful and so neat looking. I love all the colors – bright, bold, subdued, creamy, and all others. These colors for today are beautiful!

  • Linda Stromski: May 21, 2018

    Don’t like these pale, washed out, drab colors ….Can’t wait for cheery, summer brights!,!! So tired of the blah colors….uuugh!

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